Monday 18.01.21 Damp & overcast – Velvet Shank Spore prints

Today the veil of fog never lifted and i walked out after 3pm. I had been in the studio preparing paper and looking at my collections. I remembered the velvet shanks I picked last week and went to check on the spore prints – they are a beautiful white as predicted and there is theContinue reading “Monday 18.01.21 Damp & overcast – Velvet Shank Spore prints”

Thurs 7.01.21 ~ Angelica on the Fleischmann footprint

Two walks today… it snowed in the morning and I couldn’t resist recording my icy footprint from earlier in the day, still pressed into the gravel and resisting the warmth of the winter sun. Children were sliding down the path the whole morning on shopping bags and polythene sheets. It was 5pm before I reachedContinue reading “Thurs 7.01.21 ~ Angelica on the Fleischmann footprint”

Weds 6.01.2021 ~ Sun ritual and velvet shank

Some of the Glen walkers have decided to leave impermanent offerings of presence in spots of the park and to leave clues on the Friends of The Glen page, the clue that spoke of discarded robes led me directly to the soft circle of leaves beneath each tree on the little avenue of Swamp Cypresses,Continue reading “Weds 6.01.2021 ~ Sun ritual and velvet shank”

Tues 5.01.2021 ~ Birch healer

I have found out that Birch is a traditional medicine for skin conditions and having a virulant attack of excema on the middle finger of my right hand I ask the birch for a small piece of her bark, amazed how much this looks like modern plasters, I now I have a bit of birchContinue reading “Tues 5.01.2021 ~ Birch healer”

Hairy Bittercress

Cardamine hirsuta // Searbh-bhiolar giobach is sprouting out of the ground already. It is a native plant and member of the Brassica family. Like many of the plants in the Glen it is self seeded, and like many Glen plants it is widely considered a pest by gardeners. It claims its place, taking hold byContinue reading “Hairy Bittercress”

last year’s galls

In summer 2020 I made some ink from the fallen galls of the large oak on ‘the ridge’ and since then I’ve been watching and waiting to see the arrival of new ones, hoping to catch a glimpse of their formation – there is no evidence of galls on the branches there yet, but onContinue reading “last year’s galls”

fruiting bodies

Now the undergrowth is clear we can see more fungus forms too these hold the light in their glory and seem to me like creatures and a little like offal…I am intrigued by their form, not veiny and branching out as vegetation does, they appear more homogenous, almost like sorbet, or organ-like even perhaps thickContinue reading “fruiting bodies”