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Glen 2 Creek

Conversations between artists in

Cork ~ Ireland

Hobart ~ Tasmania

Utmarken ~ Sweden

Cambridge ~ UK

sharing ideas on Urban and Rural Park Ecologies

We are joined by contributing artist, Helle Kvamme from Utmarken, Sweden and Clio Lloyd Jacob in Cambridge UK. We may pickup a few more contributors along the way, Solstice to Solstice across the globe.

About Us

Julie Forrester and Bec Stevens are artists with participatory practices, who live and work on the edge of urban parks on opposite sides of the globe. This blog is a place to share findings and document some of our processes. We are joined by Helle Kvamme from an island in The Baltic Sea and Clio Lloyd-Jacob in urban Cambridge, UK



The Glen River runs East – West on the Northern edge of the hill that skirts Cork City Harbour. I am based in the lee of that hill on the margins of the Glen River Park.


Creek stuff

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what’s happening?


“Narratives with Nature” will began on 21 December and the first stage of this project will unfold from shortest till longest day, culminating on June 21. Rumblings are yet to gather into patterns, fragments will appear on these pages as I share findings with Bec in another season in another place.

Narratives with Nature is enabled by an Arts Council of Ireland YPCE Bursary Award.


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